I have a business that develops web sites. We also market them.

I have been involved in the computer industry since I started an Electrical trades apprenticeship in 1975. There was no IT industry back then, let alone the Internet. I have seen the industry grow into what it is today, for better or worse.

My web site designs and makeovers are done from offices in Margate, on the Redcliffe Peninsula, north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I have a small team of designers and programmers located in various countries around the world, enabling me to bring together the talents and experience necessary to create, update and maintain your web site.

Your web site may need an occasional addition or edit. You may require regular update of content on your blog site. You may just need something in between.

There are always new security threats that must be dealt with!

You know how to run your business, I don’t. You don’t have the time to learn how to update your web site, I do!

I have a solution for your web site maintenance requirements. An annual fee, or pay by the month, giving you peace of mind that your site is being looked after.Maintenance agreements start from $19.99 per month. Pay annually and save 5%

Use my contact form and let me help you choose the best solution for your maintenance options.

After a conversation overheard between a web designer and a potential client, the web designer was asked “how’s business, since, you know, everything blew up.”

“Actually it’s very good” he tells me.

“Optimistic?. Possible? Isn’t everyone taking some pain?”

“Well, people are looking for cost-effective ways to market themselves and redesigning their Web site is a relatively cheap alternative” says the designer.

This makes sense! A one time fee on updating your website is a great investment in your online or offline business.

Do you want to modernise your site? Do you want to add a blog? Do you want to add a shopping cart? Do you want to add a customer forum? Do you want to add other resources?

your website design is your online presence to your business, whether it is bricks and mortar or virtual.

Use my contact form and let me help you to a newer and better web site

Your web site is YOUR business
Your website design is OUR business
You know your business
I know website design
A perfect partnership

When we get together, I will take you through a process that lets me know what you want for your website and I will then deliver a working solution that your business deserves.

Whether it is a website for your bricks and mortar business, a full featured online shopping store, a personal blog or anything in between, I will ensure that your website reflects you and your business.

Select from our standard website design packages or use my contact form and we can get discuss a custom website design package for you.